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Browsing for a new mobile online could be as painstaking as searching for a life-partner! Umpteen criteria to look out for, match with, verify and validate! Too many options that do not suit your preferences and the very few that do, don’t fit your budget!

The online markets brim over with the all versions of every mobile brand. If you aren’t an expert techie, you could easily get lost in the sea of gadgets. You could waste time contemplating over Samsung’s latest or Xiaomi’s next? Vivo or One Plus? Redmi Pearl white or LG Mirror black? 

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With every leading brand trying its best to cater to all sections of consumers, there is tight competition in the mobile market as well as numerous handsets to choose from. All leading brands in the Indian market like Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Redmi, Vivo, LG etc bring models that give great performance for lesser budgets. 

The Chinese brands Realme and Redmi have great models with amazing camera quality for medium-range buyers. Even a device priced below 10,000/- can assure you a 48 mega pixel camera and 5000mAh battery in today’s market. RealmeS5, Redmi Note 8, Vivo Y12 etc are some of the fast-moving budget phones in the current mobile market. While these Chinese brands are popular among youngsters, seasoned buyers might still opt for Samsung or LG. Buy MOBILE PHONES in wholesale. Buy MOBILE PHONES in bulk. MOBILE PHONES deals. MOBILE PHONES for sale. Wholesale MOBILE PHONES. best MOBILE PHONES in India. MOBILE PHONES uses. MOBILE PHONES review. best MOBILE PHONES. best MOBILE PHONES in India.